May The Fork Be With You (and may you eat well this May)

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

You were enjoying lunch with your favorite co-workers—and not over Zoom!

Why not enjoy some takeout and support the restaurants you love now, so when we’re finally back to the office, it’ll be just like old times. Here are some of the restaurants you can enjoy this month in an effort to spice up your stay-at-home meals, and for more delicious options, check out our #LetsHelpRestaurants guide and be sure to support local establishments near you.

Red Lobster
Date night can still happen at home!


For Date Night: Red Lobster

With 3 date night deals to choose from (that all include lobster tails and separate desserts), all you need to provide is the candlelight. Treat your bae to some Cheddar Bay Biscuits and be the hero s/he deserves.

Change up your lunch routine this week with Capriotti’s!


For Lunchtime: Capriotti’s

Because we know you’re getting sick of PB&J. With contactless delivery, the Best Sandwich in America and new Impossible™ meatless menu items, Capriotti’s has something to satisfy every craving.

Buffalo WIngs & Rings
Buffalo Wings & Rings is one of our newest additions to Dinova’s marketplace!


For Sports Night: Buffalo Wings & Rings

We know, we know: the only sport that’s on is bowling. But we’d try watching bowling, if only for the excuse to order Buffalo Wings & Rings. With 2 generous family dinners to choose from, you’ll probably be covered for dinner and lunch tomorrow.

Boston's Pizza
Try Boston’s Pizza for your next delivered meal!


For Delivery: Boston’s Pizza

Do you sometimes feel like you’ve forgotten how to drive? Same. Fortunately, Boston’s Pizza brings gourmet to your door with family-size wing platters, pasta, pizza kits and more.

Famous Dave's
Famous Dave’s has some awesome family to-go options!


For a ‘Tastes Like Summer’ Pick: Famous Dave’s

Hopefully, we’ll be dusting off our own smokers and hosting family and friends soon. Until then, Famous Dave’s offers several family to-go meals with delicious barbecue and all the fixin’s.

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