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For Restaurants | 05.29.23

Q2 Update: Business Meetings & Events Outlook

As in-person meetings continue their revival, here’s how restaurants can capitalize. During the pandemic, it wasn’t just corporate remote workers...

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For Restaurants | 05.03.23

Navigating the Post-COVID Landscape: Restaurant Executives Share Their Strategies

Remember when we thought things would go "back to normal" for the restaurant industry after the country emerged from COVID?...

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For Companies | 04.25.23

Business Dining in the Big City: a Return to Pre-Pandemic Patterns

Throughout our State of Business Dining analysis since 2020, one trend we’ve followed closely has been the geographic distribution of...

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For Companies | 03.30.23

The Evolution of the BDIndex: a Timeline

Tracking business dining spend from Q2 2020 to now. After decades of stability, the restaurant industry was among the hardest...

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For Restaurants | 10.26.22

5 Key Takeaways for Restaurants

If you follow the news, it can seem impossible to predict what to expect regarding post-pandemic corporate dining recovery. Is...

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For Restaurants | 09.28.22

How The Restaurant Industry Can Adapt To A More Remote Workforce

Remote and hybrid work is here to stay. But it’s not all bad news for restaurants. Restaurants that once relied...

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