How Dinova Works

Learn more about Dinova’s preferred business dining program.

Dinova Connect

Our business dining program, also known as Dinova Connect, brings together more than:

  • 23,000 restaurants in the US and Canada
  • More than 550 corporations and government agencies, including 27 of the Fortune 100
  • 18 million business diners

Our partnerships with banks and financial institutions let us track the more than $13B spent within our dining program using corporate credit card activity. This ensures that the program remains operationally invisible for restaurants, corporations, and diners.

1. Dine

Business diner finds a Dinova restaurant using our search tool. They visit the restaurant and pay with a corporate credit card.

2. Collect

Dinova invoices the restaurant a loyalty fee, a small percentage of the business diner’s total transaction.

3. Rebate

Corporation receives their rebate from Dinova, a cost savings for participating in the program.

4. Earn

Business diner earns myDinova points that can be used to claim rewards.

Why Business Dining Is Important

Business dining is the third largest travel and entertainment expense for corporations after transportation and lodging. It was a $100 billion industry prior to the pandemic, since then it has recovered to nearly 90% of pre-pandemic levels. Employees returning to the office and conducting business face-to-face continue to drive demand for catering and private events.

Business diners are also less price-sensitive than regular consumer diners and within our program, we see the following:

  • +50% higher check sizes
  • +71% dining from out of town
  • +86% dining midweek when other traffic is slower
  • They also splurge on high margin extras like appetizers, drinks, and desserts.

Benefits of Joining Dinova Connect

Connect benefits all program participants by providing:

  • Rebate/Cost savings for corporations
  • B2B marketing strategy and sales growth for restaurants
  • Dining options and rewards for business diners

Learn more about the program and see if Dinova is a fit for you: