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Save on Employee Dining

Our corporate dining program lets you earn rebates at more than 23,000 restaurants in the US and Canada.

Much like a preferred air, car, or hotel program, you choose Dinova to provide a selection of restaurants for employees while your corporation earns rebates for their transactions. Our dining program covers all corporate dining needs:

  • Meals for your business travelers
  • Private parties and department lunches
  • Food-based gifts for coworkers or clients
  • Catering for offsite parties and events
  • Take out that is sent to the office or remote worker

How It Works

  1. Employees dine at a participating restaurant using a corporate card.
    To track this activity, we match their corporate credit card number to our restaurants’ merchant information. 
  2. Your corporation is paid back a portion of the total check as a rebate.
    Rebates are calculated monthly, based on the percentage of spend at participating restaurants. Corporations earn up to 10% of the total check.

Data Security and Privacy

We work with our corporate partners to align with their data and security policies. Our program has been implemented at more than 550 corporations and government agencies nationwide.

Wounded Warrior Project

View our FAQs on data security and privacy to learn more about the safety of our program.

23,000+ Participating Restaurants

Our program includes a network of restaurants that offer a full spectrum of cuisine types and prices points to meet the needs of every business diner. It includes a variety of independent restaurants and national brands.

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Next Steps

If your corporation’s annual dining spend is at least $1 million a year, follow the steps to get started.

There is no cost for corporations to join. The program is operationally invisible, secure (no PII), and requires little maintenance once set up.

  1. Contact us to receive more information or schedule a 15-minute introductory call.
  2. Join the program by signing our partner agreement and setting up the monthly corporate credit card reporting.
  3. Have a 30-minute onboarding call to help maximize your earnings.

We aim to make business meals count for all sized businesses. Learn more about our options for small to medium-sized business with less than $1 million of dining expenses a year.

Complimentary Tools and Services

Once you’re a partner, access complimentary tools and services that help grow participation in the dining program and increase your overall earnings.  

Restaurant Search Tool

Search tool helps employees find participating restaurants via desktop or mobile app.  

Employee Loyalty Program

An opt-in program that rewards employees for eating at participating restaurants

Dine Assist

Restaurant-sourcing service to help admins and meeting planners find the perfect event venue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are the rebate payments?

The rebate varies based on the percentage of your employee’s transactions within the dining program. Corporations can earn up to 10% of the total check amount. The more your employees spend within the program, the more you earn.

When will my corporation receive rebate payments?

Rebates are paid on a yearly or quarterly basis, according to your contract.

  • Corporations on a yearly schedule are paid in March.
  • Corporations on a quarterly schedule are paid in January, April, July, and October.

Learn more by downloading Dinova Rebates and Other Important Dates.

How do you track employee dining spend?

We partner with corporate card programs and issuers to track employee dining spend via a monthly dining spend report.

Do you collect or store employee data?

We don’t collect or store any Personal Identifiable Information that can be used to identify an employee directly. There are no integrations with corporate networks, and we collect the following data:

  • Minimal transaction details (amount, date, last 4 digits of CC)
  • Restaurant name, address, and merchant category code

What information will I receive on employee dining spend?

You will receive two monthly reports:

  • A report showing how the rebate is calculated with a summary of earnings and transaction details – view a sample report.
  • Snapshot of top cities, overall and in-program dining spend, capture rates, and YTD earnings

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