MyDinova Rewards: An Employee Loyalty Program

Grow employee participation and increase your rebate using our complimentary loyalty program.
MyDinova Rewards is a loyalty program that incentivizes employees to eat within your corporate dining program.

  • Employees earn a point for every dollar spent at a Dinova restaurant.
  • Points are redeemed for gift cards to popular retailers like Amazon and Target, or restaurants.

We also offer a charity donation option for companies that want employee points put toward a good cause.

Get Started

You can choose from two options when implementing MyDinova Rewards at your company:

  1. Auto-enrollment
    Auto-enrolling employees in the program is the quickest way to grow program participation by allowing employees to start earning points immediately.
  2. Manual enrollment
    With this option, employees decide if and when they want to enroll in the program. This may extend the timeline for growing program participation and requires some communication on the part of your company’s dining program administrator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is myDinova Rewards GDPR compliant?

Our corporate dining program and myDinova Rewards are GDPR compliant. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect your personal information.

The personal information you provide is protected on computer servers in a controlled, secured environment and protected from unauthorized access, use or disclosure.

How do I auto-enroll employees in myDinova Rewards?

  1. Register a myDinova account
  2. Request auto-enrollment access from your Dinova account representative using the form.
  3. Once access is granted, we’ll provide you with a CSV template to submit cardholder data within your myDinova account.

If choosing the auto-enrollment option, how does Dinova protect my company data?

Once you’ve uploaded your data file into the auto-enrollment section of your myDinova account, credit card numbers are automatically converted into a non-reversable series of alpha-numeric digits.

We don’t store the provided credit card numbers. The number is converted to a unique series of alpha-numeric digits that is encrypted and cannot be reversed.


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