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New Accounts: Four things to do now to maximize your Dinova rebate

You may already have completed this step as part of your onboarding call, but if not, please whitelist Dinova’s email domains now. This ensures our program related messages won’t get blocked by your company firewall. Here are simple instructions.

Let your employees know that where they choose to eat matters – and give them a “what’s-in-it-for-me” reason to dine in-network by starting off strong with your myDinova Rewards messaging. Click below for:

With thousands of participating locations, Dinova’s network includes restaurants that cover every price point and meal type. Make sure employees know they can search for options wherever they are by downloading the Dinova Restaurant Locator mobile app (available for iOS and Android devices). Here are an APP PROMO FLYER and a MYDINOVA + APP PROMO FLYER you can download to help spread the word.



While business dining can happen at any time, your most frequent opportunities to earn dining rebates may come through your road warriors. Make sure they’re as aware of the Dinova preferred restaurant network as they are of your company’s preferred air, hotel, and ground transportation suppliers. Here’s some sample wording you can use to create your travel guidelines.


Let myDinova Rewards help motivate employees to dine in-network

Like any preferred program for airline, hotel or car rental, your employees can earn personal rewards on business meals at in-network Dinova restaurants. The myDinova Rewards loyalty program – funded by Dinova – gives employees a personal stake in helping your rebate grow! 

Quick-start: myDinova Auto-Enrollment

When you use our auto-enrollment process to promote myDinova Rewards to employees, Dinova pre-populates user profiles for each of your cardholders and emails them an invitation link. All they have to do is opt in.


More Dinova program resources to help maximize your rebate

Promote your dining program with grab-and-go digital banners and other assets from the Dinova Creative Asset Library. CLICK HERE to see the Creative Asset Library.

Dinova rebates are paid either annually or quarterly, depending on your contract. Plan ahead to make sure your data feed stays on track.  CLICK HERE for a helpful guide to Rebate Schedules and Other Important Dates.

Dining activity reports are sent on a monthly basis. Use the information included in your report to establish a baseline and measure the effectiveness of your program promotion activities.  CLICK HERE to see a Sample Activity Report.

Why not get your new hires to “Think Dining, Think Dinova,” from day 1? Use our SAMPLE WORDING to work with your HR department to add Dinova messages into your new employee onboarding materials. Or ask them to print out and include a MYDINOVA REWARDS FLYER in new hire welcome packets.

Add a banner (like the one shown below) to your email signature and quickly and easily promote your Dinova partnership and increase program awareness:

sample email signature

When you’re ready to change things up, visit our CREATIVE ASSET LIBRARY to check out other options. 

Let Dinova help your employees know how – and where – they can dine safely. Use this DINE SAFELY VIDEO in a social intranet post to let all employees know that they can use Dinova’s ONLINE SEARCH TOOL and free iOS app to check the safety practices of our in-network restaurants. All critical safety practice updates they share with us, we share with you.  

Visit our DINE SAFELY Employer Toolkit for more ideas and safe dining assets.

CLICK HERE for an overview of the myDinova Rewards program, with FAQs for your diners.

Use flyers like this MYDINOVA REWARDS promo sheet, which you can customize with your own company name and logo, to explain the program at Lunch-n-Learns and Travel Fairs.

For tips on taking a Self-Service approach to promoting myDinova Rewards at your company, be sure to check out this quick-start MYDINOVA REWARDS SELF-SERVICE OVERVIEW.

Did you know your diners can earn bonus myDinova Rewards by taking 1 minute to let other business diners know about their in-network dining experiences?  CLICK HERE for Restaurant Recommendation FAQs.


Questions? Contact us at or 1-888-DINOVA8