Share Dinova with Your Employees

Like any preferred program for airline, hotel or car rental, your employees can earn personal rewards on business meals at Dinova restaurants. The myDinova Rewards loyalty program gives employees a personal stake in helping your rebate grow!

Use the creative assets below to promote myDinova to your employees. After inserting the image into your communications, hyperlink it to Contact your account manager to request additional creative assets not listed here.

Email Signature Banners

Choose from these four email banners. Right click the image and select “save” to download.

Website/e-Newsletter Banners

Choose from these six banners to use on your website, e-newsletter, or other digital communication. Right click the image and select “save” to download.


Download and distribute our myDinova Rewards promotional flyer. It can be printed or sent digitally. Click the link below to open the file and then download your copy.

QR Codes

Include the QR code on printed flyers in the office or at travel fairs. They offer a quick way for employees to access our dining resources. Right click the image and select “save” to download.

QR code redirects to the myDinova registration page when scanned.
QR code redirects to App Store and Google Play to download our mobile app.

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