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10 Ways to Increase Your Company’s Rebates

Check out these helpful tips that our corporate partners can use to increase in-network employee participation and their company’s rebates.

1. Sign Up for myDinova

Grow employee participation and increase your rebates using our complimentary loyalty program. myDinova Rewards is a loyalty program that incentivizes employees to eat within our corporate dining program. Employees earn a point for every dollar spent at a Dinova restaurant. These points can be redeemed for gift cards to popular retailers like Amazon and Target or some of your favorite restaurants.

2. Email Your Top Spenders

A direct email to your top spenders is a great way to get your employees engaged. Reaching out to the cardholders that spend the most on dining is the best way to increase your adoption and rebates. We find that 5% of cardholders are responsible for about 50% of your dining spend. Making sure these spenders know how to take advantage of the program is sure to increase your rebates.

3. Refer a Coworker

Sign in to your myDinova profile, click on the Refer-A-CoWorker tab, and share your personal Refer-A-CoWorker link with your favorite colleagues. You’ll both receive 499 myDinova points after your coworker connects their company card to their profile. This will get more of your employees dining at in-network restaurants. Everyone wins!

4. Dine Assist

Looking for the perfect venue for your company’s next private dining event? Dine Assist is a complimentary, restaurant-sourcing service exclusive to Dinova corporate partners. Our event specialist will provide you with a curated selection of restaurant venues that fit your event’s specific criteria, including rebate eligible options within the Dinova network. You share your event requirements such as budget, dates, and other preferences and we will find the perfect venue at no extra cost to you. You review the options, choose a restaurant, and we connect you to their event managers to directly work out the booking details.

5. Add Dinova to Your Travel Guidelines

Make sure your road warriors and cardholders are informed about the Dinova preferred restaurant network, in the same way they’re aware of your company’s preferred air, hotel, and ground transportation suppliers. Click here for sample language you can include in your Travel guidelines.

6. Connect With Your Travel Management Company

Remember, you don’t have to be the only one telling travelers about the Dinova preferred dining program. Your Travel Management Company (TMC) can also help you promote it. For example, you may be able to include a brief reminder about using in-network restaurants in the standard trip itineraries sent out by your TMC. Online booking tools typically include multiple opportunities to insert custom rules and branding on the site for your travelers. From your company notes section to assorted travel details pages, take advantage of these areas to reinforce your T&E dining guidelines and encourage employees to dine in the Dinova network.

7. Include Dinova in Your New Hire Training

Make sure your new employees learn about Dinova at the same time they’re being introduced to your company’s other preferred programs and travel policies. By including Dinova in any materials related to preferred suppliers, you’re setting dining behavior expectations that will help lead to your highest rebate-earning potential. Here’s a link to sample verbiage you can include in your New Hire training materials.

8. “Try This Not That”

Communicate specific “Try this not that” for restaurants that are not in network vs. restaurants on the Dinova network. For example, “choose Outback Steakhouse rather than Longhorn because of our partnership with Dinova. Delicious steaks, we get rebates, and you get myDinova points!”

9. Catering Orders

Encourage large catering orders to be placed at a Dinova restaurant partner such as Jersey Mike’s Subs, Pizza Hut, Moe’s Southwest Grill, or Einstein Bros. Bagels.  Consider making it a contest. For example, whoever can order the most from Jersey’s Mike’s gets a $100 gift card.

10. Concur Banner

To help you and your employees get the most out of our corporate dining program, here’s an easy way to increase participation and rebates — and it only takes a few moments! Use this simple Concur trick to remind your team about Dinova as they’re planning and booking travel. 

Step 1: Upload this banner to your Concur homepage’s “Company Notes” section.

Step 2: Link the banner to the myDinova registration page.

Step 3: Watch your rebates grow!

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