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Maximize Check Size & Increase Midweek Sales

Our business dining program provides a low maintenance, high impact method for attracting business diners and growing your overall sales.

Business dining represents a lucrative, $100B industry in the US and is the second largest expense category for corporations. And yet, many restaurateurs are not actively targeting business diners. That’s where we can help.

Our corporate dining program provides a B2B marketing solution that puts you behind corporate firewalls and helps you reach more than 18 million business diners, including road warriors, event planners, travel managers, and more.


Dinova Business Diners


Higher Average Check Size


Are from out-of-town


Dine Mid-Week

Our restaurants typically experience a sales increase of 1-3x from our business diners in the first year. Contact us to learn about the business dining spend in your market.

  • Our business diners pay full price at your restaurant
    On average, they spend ~50% more than regular consumers.
  • We analyze their corporate card data
    Expenses are automatically matched to your restaurant(s). No POS integrations, staff training, or operational requirements.
  • You pay a loyalty rebate on transactions from our diners
    Increased spend from our diners balances the rebate, which is a small percentage of the total check.

Participating Corporations

Fortune 1000 companies, small to medium-sized businesses, and government agencies like the Department of Defense participate in the dining program. They drive compliance for the program, which results in more business for your restaurant.

Wounded Warrior Project

Participating Restaurants

Our business diners use a variety of restaurants from national chains to local independents, quick-service to fine-dining, low to high price points, and everything in between. They look for:

  • Meals from out-of-town business travelers or to wine-and-dine clients
  • Private parties and department lunches
  • Food-based gifts for coworkers or clients
  • Catering for offsite parties and events
  • Take out that is sent to the office or remote worker

Use our search tool to view participating restaurants in your area

Next Steps

There is no cost to join. It is a pay-for-performance model: a loyalty rebate is collected on all transactions from our business diners. The rebate rewards our participating corporations.  

  1. Contact your Dinova rep to receive more information or schedule a 15-minute introduction call.
  2. Join the program by signing our restaurant partner agreement.
  3. Complete onboarding and provide information for your restaurant listing within myDinova.
  4. Start welcoming our business diners to your restaurant and receive your first invoice.

Additional Services

MyDinova Rewards

An online listing in myDinova Rewards, a loyalty program and search tool for business diners.

Dine Assist

One of the easiest ways our restaurant partners are marketed to event planners.

Digital Marketing

Complimentary promotions for your restaurant(s) via email, social media, or blog.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my restaurant a fit for the program?

Most likely, yes! We work with a wide variety of restaurants and caterers as well as gifting companies in the US and Canada. Contact our team using the form and ask about business dining spend in your market.

Is there a cost to join?

There is NO COST to join. We don’t charge monthly recurring fees, setup or activation fees, or termination fees. Instead, we have a pay-for-performance model. We only charge a loyalty rebate when one of our business diners uses their corporate card at your restaurant.

When and how am I billed?

We provide you with all the itemized transaction data via a Monthly Activity Report (MAR). The MAR provides you with all the transaction details and it also serves as your invoice. The MAR is received at the end of the month and includes the previous month’s transactions.

How do business diners find participating restaurants?

Your restaurant and any of its locations are listed in our desktop and mobile search tool that is used by business diners. Corporations drive compliance for the program by including Dinova in their policies, procedures, travel booking tools, employee trainings, and more.

Contact Us

Complete the form to receive additional information about our dining program or to schedule a 15-minute introduction call.

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