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Q3 2023 State of Business Dining

Our State of Business Dining Report, created in partnership with Technomic Inc, provides restaurants and corporate travel managers a semiannual review of business dining benchmarks and data. What you’ll learn in our most recent report:

  • How business dining patterns have shifted to align with remote and hybrid work patterns
  • Comparisons between business and consumer dining spend
  • Ways that companies are revisiting travel policies as sustainability becomes top priority
  • Top trends in meetings and events, and what it means for restaurants

Business vs Consumer Dining

Our BDIndex in combination with Technomic’s consumer dining measurement shows how business dining fared against the general industry.

Business dining spend appears to have reached a new normal, with a BDIndex hovering between 85 and 92 for the past 12 months.

Technomic’s consumer spend index rose to 115 in 2023. While restaurants reported a 57% increase in consumer check prices between Q1 and Q2 2023, much of this can be attributed to higher menu prices.

Top Trend: Sustainability Becomes Top Priority

As companies look to make good on sustainability pledges, they are revisiting travel policies and seeking suppliers who share their commitment.

In this quarter’s report, find the latest sustainability trends as well as insights from Dinova restaurant partners that have made sustainability practices a priority.


In order to offer statistically significant sales insights for the State of Business Dining, we analyzed the following data:  

  • Companies that participated in the Dinova program from 2019-2023.
  • Sales data from the top 1,500 US restaurant brands. Top restaurant brands may change for individual reports, but indexes are updated so that all the historical data represents the current list of the top 1,500 brands. 
  • More than 5 years of pre-pandemic business dining sales data to inform annual patterns. 

About Dinova

Dinova makes business meals count. We operate a business dining program that includes a network of 22,000+ restaurants and more than 530 corporations, government agencies, and small to medium sized businesses in the US and Canada.

We are the only total business dining solution that delivers spend visibility, savings and an employee rewards program for companies while also providing a B2B strategy that drives growth for restaurants.

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About Technomic

Technomic Inc., a Winsight company, was founded as a management consulting firm in 1966. Since then, Technomic’s services have grown to encompass cloud-based B2B research tools, consumer and menu trend tracking and other leading strategic research and analytic capabilities, to prioritize and size business opportunities. Our clients include food manufacturers and distributors, restaurants, retailers and multiple other business verticals aligned with the food industry that are looking to make informed decisions to support their business growth. Visit Technomic at  


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