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Holiday Season Tips for Restaurants: How to Win Over Corporate Event Planners

With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s not just the festive spirit that’s in the air. Restaurants have an opportunity to win over corporate event planners, those individuals who are adept at orchestrating meetings, events, and office lunches, and contribute more to a restaurant’s revenue compared to their consumer counterparts.

Reaching these professionals is not an easy feat. Corporate event planners lead demanding schedules. Finding the ideal venue that perfectly aligns with their company’s unique ambiance, managing the intricate details, and ensuring everything runs smoothly is time-consuming. They look for restaurants to make this experience as seamless as possible.

Follow the strategies below to transform your restaurant into the go-to destination for corporate events this holiday season.

1. Streamline booking and catering processes

Does your restaurant have tools to help corporate event planners find you, quickly book reservations and private spaces, and enjoy a seamless experience from booking to paying the check? Decision-makers are pressed for time and increasingly expect these conveniences.

2. Focus on your value proposition

Consider how to differentiate your restaurant and communicate value, beyond discounting.

  • Tip: Dinova partners like Pacific Catch have seen success rewarding event bookers with gift cards, while the MINA Group suggests communicating how your venue matches the “persona” of prospective attendees. You can find more of our partners’ valuable insights in our FSR article.

3. Create custom event menus for corporations

Since event planners will accommodate attendees with allergies or food restrictions, promote your offerings for special diets (like gluten-free or vegan). You can also incorporate seasonal and holiday-inspired dishes.

4. Highlight amenities for business events

Showcase your restaurant’s amenities, such as private dining areas, AV equipment, and Wi-Fi, which are valuable for corporations. Make sure this information is available on your website.

5. Get your message behind the corporate firewall

Going behind the firewall is possible through a partnership with Dinova. Because our program gives corporations complete visibility into their food and beverage spend, corporate partners first look for restaurants and caterers in our network.

  • Tip: Our proprietary tools like Dine Assist further assist corporate event planners by connecting them to the ideal restaurant for their event.

Incorporate these expert strategies to position your restaurant as the ultimate holiday season destination for business diners, especially corporate event planners. With these tips and a partnership with Dinova, you’ll be well-prepared to savor the success and welcome corporate clients looking to make the most of their dining experience this season. Our program includes more than 18 million business diners at 540+ corporations, small to medium-sized businesses, and government agencies like the US Department of Defense.

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