We make business meals count.

Dinova shines in the moments when business dining decisions are being made. Our preferred dining program offers value for restaurants, business diners and the companies picking up the tab.

2009: Vic Macchio founded Dinova after realizing the need to focus on business dining in the corporate travel industry.

2013: In just four years, Vic and his team added over 11,000 restaurants and 100 Fortune 500 companies to the network.

2014: We enhanced our corporate offering by launching our SMB program with Mastercard Easy Savings. 

2017: Dinova made headlines again by starting a growth equity partnership with Frontier Capital.

Today: Dinova continues to grow with 20k+ restaurants,  300+ corporate partners and our catering launch.

Jobs At Dinova

Why join Dinova’s team? Exciting growth, awesome benefits, and a fun, casual culture. (Oh, and there’s the food…)

Our Leadership

Meet the founders, executives, and industry leaders behind our unique $7 billion business dining marketplace.

Nourishing Our Atlanta Community

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