#Forksout: New Restaurants as of July 1

Dinova wants to make sure that you and the team are eating well. Lucky for you, it looks like we’ve got some great options for you to make that happen with these new Dinova partner restaurants. With delicious options in The Valley, some great California BBQ, a great steakhouse, and a way to eat great food while testing your board game skills, Dinova has got you covered. Take a look, and drop us a line at marketing@dinova.com to let us know what you think.

Reminder: Due to current circumstances, many operators have closed or are restricting service to takeout and delivery only. Please contact restaurants directly for specific details.

4 Locations in California

When you find yourself in northern California looking for great food, give Buckhorn BBQ a try. Specializing in California BBQ, they like to refer to their tradition as “Really Good Food, Real Fast” – which is perfect for the team that’s always on the move. To get a feel for their flavor, be sure to order one of their famous tri-tip beef sandwiches – the signature menu item that put them on the map and earned them a loyal following on Friday nights at the Napa Chef’s Market where the idea for Buckhorn BBQ was born.  

Phoenix, AZ

If it’s true what they say and  breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, then make sure your team is well provisioned with hearty fare and delicious coffee right from The Valley. The iconic Luci’s at The Grove – like all Luci’s restaurants – serves up a menu built around the tastiest, locally sourced ingredients so you know you’re getting a true Arizonan dining experience. Moving on, Luci’s is also a bona fide option for the second most important meal of the day: Happy Hour. (Okay, we know that’s not a meal, but you should still stop by for the great deals.)

Phoenix, AZ​

This one’s for all those open-minded souls who love brinner (breakfast for dinner): Luci’s at The Orchard serves breakfast All. Day. Long. Huzzah! (Sincerely – that’s worth celebrating, in our books.) Of course, they also have delicious salads and sandwiches made with – you guessed it – fresh and local ingredients. The beautiful setting (an original Phoenix ranch house, updated with clean, modern touches and a fantastic patio area)  is also a plus – making LatO a great choice for group get-togethers when you want to have the option to spread out across both indoor and outdoor seating options. 

Phoenix, AZ​​

Luci’s Healthy Marketplace has been a must-visit in the Valley of the Sun for more than 8 years. Part cafe, part coffee bar, part place-to-buy-quality-organic-and-natural-stuff (making you feel virtuous, to boot!), LHM is your one-stop-destination for everything from excellent cheeses, meats and seafood to freshly cooked meals to go. Locally roasted, organic coffee? Check. Tempting fresh pastries? Check. Beer, wine, and gifts? Check, check, check! Most importantly, you can find them doing good both in and out of their locations with their Luci’s Helps program, helping raise money for good causes.  

Downtown Oklahoma City, North Oklahoma City and Tulsa, OK and Omaha, NE

For wining and dining clients,  upscale steakhouses are the classic choice. For wining and dining clients in Oklahoma and Nebraska, Mahogany Prime Steakhouse are an excellent classic choice. Mahogany’s menu includes the finest custom-aged U.S. Prime Midwestern Beef, broiled at 900 degrees to “lock in the corn-fed flavor,” served up on a sizzling hot plate to ensure your food stays hot throughout. Quality bonus: All locations include private dining room options to help cut down on extraneous distractions. 

Phoenix, AZ​​​

If you want the best of what Phoenix has to offer then look no further than Orchard Tavern. Formerly known as Pomelo, their new identity is still in production; however, you should expect to find the same upscale yet easy-going experience to carry through this new iteration. They’re currently closed except for hosting private events, but  here’s what you can look forward to with the reopening:  classic American food with an Arizona twist (homegrown ingredients put a local spin on on the American classics you already love).

Tempe and Tucson, AZ

Ultra-competitive team members? Introduce them to their new happy place: Snakes & Lattes. You and the crew can settle in for food and drinks, while also competing for board game title-holder supremacy – because playing for fun is always on the menu.  With a library of thousands of old and new games to choose from, Snakes & Lattes even makes sure its servers are able to offer advice on which games will suit your group. Team-building excursion, coming right up!

Ready to Eat? Use Dinova Search Tools to Find Participating Restaurants Near You

These restaurants here are just the newest partners to join the Dinova preferred business dining network. Wherever you are, and wherever you’re headed, we’ve got restaurant partners ready for your business! Use the Dinova desktop search tool or our free mobile app to search through all in-network options. Happy dining!

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