Carolyn Mendel, a General Mills plant manager in Wellston, Ohio,

Dinova Takeaways: Bringing a Side of Good News – from Our Restaurant and Corporate Partners – to the Table…April 19 – 25

This is an uncomfortably unsettling road trip we’re on right now. We’re lurching along the pandemic parkway with the entire country crammed into one giant metaphorical backseat (or more like – ‘hitched loosely into an unfathomably large train of individual wagons’ – but, you get the idea) and no clear agreement on which exit ramp we need to take. At Dinova, even while following a course that enables us to support our restaurant partners and remain an empathetic resource for our corporate partners, we don’t know yet how long this trip we’re on will take.

So to balance the constant anxiety of turning to each other and asking, “Are we there yet?” we are choosing to also spend time right now celebrating the good, life-affirming stories we see coming our way from inside Dinova’s community of restaurants and corporate partners every day. These stories answer the question: What are people doing to help each other get through this crazy journey together?

We’re happy to report that we’re finding a wealth of stories to share. Here’s another round of good deeds from the world of Dinova this week …

Virtual Happy Hour
Cheers to our restaurateurs!

Top Virtual Happy Hours That Give Back to the Restaurant Industry

The days of meeting your friends at a bar to catch up over a few cocktails might seem like distant memories, but just because we’re practicing safe social distancing doesn’t mean we’ve stopped being social all together – or that bars and restaurants have stopped needing our business. We love this article that highlights three different virtual happy hours that have developed recently to raise funds that benefit restaurant workers who’ve lost a vast majority of their income. Check the story for inspiration, then rally a few friends and co-workers online to find out where you can click-and-clink glasses for a good cause.


Pizza Hut Is Providing Its Employees With Masks And Adding Seals To Its Pizza Boxes

We want to recognize our longtime restaurant partner Pizza Hut for stepping up as a leader in ensuring their employees are safe and able to work. The company is providing more than 10 million non-surgical grade face masks for its in-restaurant Pizza Hut employees, and, to give consumers peace of mind regarding food-handling integrity, is adding safety seals to medium- and large-size pizza boxes. The best news yet? Pizza Hut is also adding more employees right now to meet increased demand for pizza takeout and deliveries, even speeding up its usual hiring process. 

Carolyn Mendel, a General Mills plant manager in Wellston, Ohio, says she has compared notes on workplace safety with a rival frozen food maker nearby.


This Charmin factory keeps humming even as much of American is hunkered down

Let’s give it up for the essential workers who are working around the clock right now to provide creature comforts for all of us! Our corporate partner General Mills is featured in this article for its efforts in manufacturing sought-after grocery items so that we can feel a little bit better when shopping for our families. To keep important items stocked, manufacturers are taking extra precautions to streamline their manufacturing process, cutting down on inventory variety and working with grocers on a weekly basis to understand their inventory needs.

Restaurants coming to the rescue amid COVID-19

So many restaurants have gone out of their way to support their local community heroes, despite their own financial woes. One restaurant partner that we want to recognize is Salata, and specifically, the Houston-area Salata franchisee featured in this article for donating meals to healthcare workers, with the goal of feeding one local medical unit per day. You can contribute to their goal when you order boxed meals from them, available for delivery or takeout. Learn more about Salata here

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