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Dinova Takeaways: Bringing a Side of Good News – from Our Restaurant and Corporate Partners – to the Table…April 26 – May 1

Today starts a new month, though for many of us, time feels like it’s standing still. Yet despite the questions that keep us up at night – primarily, “When will this end?” – we’re seeing signs of hope. From cases of Coronavirus decreasing in other countries to states beginning a phased reopening, we’re starting to see that there is going to be a day in which we’ll all be seated in a restaurant, saluting each other for making it through a rough time. 

We’re rounding up another week of good deeds from our corporate and restaurant partners. Here’s what gave us good vibes this week…

These Are The States Opening Back Up for Business

It’s been about six weeks since the US enacted stay-at-home orders, and we’re starting to see some states relax their policies and allow restaurants to service customers for in-person dining – so long as they adhere to specified safety guidelines. Restaurateurs in Georgia – where we are headquartered – started opening their doors this past Monday. Other states following suit include Alaska, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and Utah. 
Microsoft Office
Microsoft, a corporate partner known for its “smart generosity”, is extending three months’ paid parental leave to all full-time employees.

The COVID-19 pandemic is sparking an era of ‘smart generosity’

“During challenging times, companies with purpose are often better positioned to adapt and endure than peers without a purpose.” This insightful piece from Fast Company highlights companies around the country who are focused on their people and a mission to help others get through this pandemic, and how social responsibility is for the long term health of a company and their employees. We are so proud that many of our corporate partners are featured here, including Allstate, Microsoft, Campbell’s, Nestle, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Tesla, Ford, General Motors, Loreal and Nike.
Frontline Foods
Thank you to Frontline Foods for the difference you’re making!

Fuel the fight against COVID-19 through Frontline Foods

If you want to quickly support local restaurants while fueling the appetite of busy healthcare workers, look no further than Frontline Foods. This organization was founded by Sydney Gressel, a pediatric nurse at UCSF in San Francisco who wanted to find a way to help her and her colleagues during the COVID-19 crisis. Her answer was simple: if restaurants could prepare meals for healthcare workers using money given to them through local donations, they’d be helping businesses stay afloat while feeding those who are working tirelessly to save lives. Click here to learn more about Frontline Foods and donate in you area. 
Boudin Bakery Sourdough Teddy Bear
YUM and CUTE! Just for fun, check out this San Francisco treat from one of our newest restaurant partners.

This Bakery Makes Incredible Creations Including Teddy Bears Made Out Of Sourdough Bread

Despite the uncertain times we’re in, we at Dinova are still adding premier business grade restaurants to our network for business diners to enjoy. Boudin Bakery, a staple in San Francisco known for their unique sourdough creations, joined Dinova this past month. We know that business travelers who frequent San Francisco will be thrilled to try a baked treat once travel picks up again! Just for fun, we wanted to share with you this quick video highlighting how Boudin Bakery makes their famous teddy bear sourdough. If you’re in the San Fran area, consider ordering some to-go for the family. If not, pick one up the next time the Bay Area is on your travel list!


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