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A silver lining to sluggish sales

Rethinking your restaurant marketing plan? You’re going to want to read this. As a restaurateur, there are probably lots of things that keep you up at night. It seems there’s always something threatening to kill the restaurant industry as we know it, from slow industry growth to disruptive new technologies to those darned Millennials (if you believe the headlines.) “Kill” might be a strong word. But there’s no doubt that the industry remains in a state of upheaval as shifts in technology, consumer demographics and the economy make it nearly impossible for restaurants to find the “secret sauce” – that is, a sustainable restaurant marketing strategy that actually moves the needle. If you just cringed at the word “marketing,” you’re not alone. Marketing is a pain point for countless restaurants. And it’s completely understandable: you went into business with a passion for great food and great service, not to spend all your time researching trending #hashtags or staying on top of Instagram’s latest algorithm changes. While traditional restaurant marketing tactics, like coupons, can certainly increase restaurant foot traffic, it’s often disloyal customers with tight budgets who turn up. If you’re actively marketing digitally, it can be difficult (and expensive) to stand out in an increasingly crowded space. And, frustratingly, there are few reliable ways to measure whether any of these efforts have any real impact on your bottom line. There may not be a secret sauce, or a silver bullet, for restaurateurs navigating today’s complex industry. But, what if there was a silver lining? Consider this: business dining is a $77 billion-dollar business that’s projected to grow another 6%. That’s much more rapidly than the restaurant industry as a whole, which has struggled to recover after the recession. Business customers spend more money, as they’re often entertaining clients and purchasing higher-margin items like appetizers, alcohol, and desserts — after all, it’s on their company’s dime! (Learn more about today’s business diners here.) What if, instead of spinning your wheels using costly (and unproven) restaurant marketing tactics, you could simply target a more lucrative customer? That customer is the business diner. And, there’s an easy and measurable way to attract more of them to your restaurant. Enter Dinova: the only marketplace of its kind in the world, designed to connect hungry business travelers with great partner restaurants around the U.S. Dinova rewards companies and their employees for dining at partner restaurants within our network, and the restaurants drive incremental revenue from this (previously untapped) customer base. Here’s how it works.
  • Business travelers search Dinova’s app to find great dining options on the road.
  • They dine in your restaurant and pay as usual with their corporate card (no coupons or additional POS technology needed.)
  • Employees can earn personal rewards just for choosing your restaurant, making them more likely to come back next time they’re in town.
Ready to spend less time marketing, and more time actually running your restaurant? Let us help. Let’s Get In Touch!
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