Corporate catering for restaurateurs
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There’s an untapped market of Dinova-participating companies hungry for catering.

You get orders. You cook and deliver. We handle customer service. You get paid.

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When you’re ready to expand your catering sales with Dinova, here’s what you can expect:

1. Sign the contract addendum.
Your current Dinova contract will need to be updated to account for new catering terms and conditions. If you’re new to Dinova, it will already be included.
2. Pick the right locations.
We’ll help you select the right restaurant locations – ones where our data indicates an
abundance of catering order activity.
3. Implement online ordering.
We’ll work with you to set up the menu, delivery rules, and billing structure for each location.
4. Point-of-Sale integration (optional).
We’ll coordinate with your technology teams or PoS vendor so that orders will come straight into your PoS.
5. Training.
We’ll train you and your staff on the system to make sure that you can confidently track and execute catering orders.
6. Start receiving orders.
Once you’re live, we’ll closely monitor the account for any issues. We will be your front line for customer service.
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Targeted Launch Focused on Dinova Companies & Restaurants

If you’re a restaurateur in  Atlanta, we’re ready for you! If not, sit tight and we’ll let you know when our catering platform is open near you.

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Want In?

Let’s connect you with your with your Dinova Account Success Manager, or with a sales representative if you’re not yet part of Dinova’s network. 
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