Vic Macchio

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Vic has delivered results and built a reputation of leadership in the travel industry since 1980. After a brief stint with Air France, his management career started with American Express where he progressed steadily over 17 years in consumer marketing, supplier relations, corporate services and general management.

Founding his own consulting practice in 1997, Windward Marketing Group has served a wide array of clients within and outside of the travel industry. His engagements have encompassed strategic planning, product development, distribution planning, marketing communications, mergers and acquisitions, market research, sales training and executive recruiting.

In the course of helping large corporations better manage group travel, meetings and conference expenses at the enterprise level, Macchio began looking at other areas of T&E spending that were under-managed from a procurement perspective. Over a four-year period, Vic has perfected and launched the innovative Dinova–Corporate Dining Connection® solution.

Vic has regularly conducted training courses, delivered seminars and served on advisory boards in a variety of industries. Combining conceptual knowledge with real-world experience, his down-to-earth communication style earns him accolades wherever he speaks.

Vic holds a BA in Romance Languages and Psychology from Queens College, an MBA from Villanova University, and completed a certificate program at the European Institute for Advanced International Studies. He speaks French, Spanish and Italian and spent a full year studying and traveling in Europe. He lives with his wife and two sons in a suburb of Atlanta.

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