This is the perfect weekend for a Popsicle!  Before I hook you up with a few tips and recipes I wanted to give a shout out to Frank Epperson.  In 1905, at 11 years old, Frank was outside mixing some sugary soda powder and water with a wooden stirrer.  The boy went to bed and neglected to put his sweet drink away and as luck would have it temperatures dipped that night.  The next morning Epperson pulled an icy block out of the glass by the wooden stick.  Just a few licks later his idea was born.  After a few test runs and soaring sales at a local amusement park Frank applied for a patent in 1924.  The “Epsicle” ice pop was renamed “Popsicle” and it was ready for market.

Much to his regret financial woes forced the young inventor to sell the rights to his creation to the Joe Lowe Company in 1925.  In 1989 Unilever bought Popsicle and is the current owner, selling about 2 billion Popsicles each year.  The top selling flavor?  Cherry.  The term Popsicle is trademarked and belongs to Unilever.  Much like the brand “Kleenex” it’s become a household name.

Instead of grabbing a box of frozen treats at the store this weekend how about mixing up a batch of your own?  You probably don’t need a recipe but there are some great ideas online.  I’ve included links to a few that sound especially interesting to me!  For dessert on a hot day I think the bittersweet chocolate-bourbon pops sound amazing.  Another adult pop that got my attention is the watermelon-mint-tequila pop.  If you’re feeling patriotic, and who isn’t this weekend, the red-white-blue is a classic. 

A couple of notes. 

  • The layered pop, like the red-white-blue, takes a little more time and patience.  You have to freeze each layer before adding the next, or you’ll end up with a purple ice pop. 
  • If you want to get creative and float fruit slices in the pops you will have to partially freeze, stir, then freeze again or all the fruit will fall to the bottom…or top once removed from the mold! 
  • Trying to get some nutrition into the kids?  Blend some kale or spinach in with the fruit before freezing.
  • Yogurt is a great addition for creamy pops.