Preserving is in.  Pickling, fermenting, curing, canning…all the preservation methods humans employed before modern refrigeration are new again.  As I mentioned last week, chefs up and down the eastern seaboard are pickling ramps in the fleeting moment they are available.  Most restaurants worth their salt (pun intended) are house curing some type of protein.  Our restaurant partner, DGS in Fairfax VA, offers 8-day house cured pastrami, duck fat matzo balls, applewood smoked salmon. YUM!  They boast that “In the spirit of the old world kitchen, DGS brines, cures, smokes and pickles everything served in house.”

When I ran across a post from a chef friend this week about cured egg yolks I got really excited, this is something that I hadn’t thought of trying.   It’s a very simple process, your nice farm fresh egg yolks sit in salt and sugar for several days while the salt draws out the moisture.  After rinsing the yolks, the now semi-firm golden orbs are placed in a low temperature oven for a couple of hours.  The result is a firm and tasty little morsel to grate over pasta, salad, or just about anything that could use a little boost in flavor. This is so easy and could really add an interesting conversation topic to your next dinner party.  C’mon try it with me, I started one today!